The Ion Flush Energising Foot Bath- The Detox Imperative
We live in a world with over 74,000 registered chemicals, many of which the human body struggles to manage. Heavy metals and pollution increase the load and noxious fumes from household building materials add further contamination. Almost every culture has an institutionalised detox protocol with the exception of ours, and yet we are in most need of a cleansing strategy. The ion flush offers a pain free approach to detox without the sacrifice, willpower and discomfort linked to other approaches.
A revolutionary new cleansing tool that eliminates toxins and helps you
reclaim vibrant health, and replenish energy levels

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The Foot Bath Energiser:
Detoxifies more efficiently and more rapidly than any herbal or fasting protocol without the detox stress.

Floods the body with negative ions which are alkalising. This can help to neutralise accumulated acid wastes (uric and lactic acid etc.)
Produces hydrogen peroxide - oxygen is the chief detox molecule in the body and nature's most potent anti-microbial agent.
Improves sleep quality, enhances energy & oxygenates brain tissue.
Supports skin health - i.e. skin problems are generally toxin related.

The process involves 14 treatments, with a minimum 2 day interval between each session, - a two week break is then recommended.
Subsequent detox sessions can then be weekly if necessary.

Most people notice an obvious response after a single treatment - occasionally this can involve initial exhaustion, but in most instances there is an energising effect, hence the name "The Ion Flush Energising Foot Bath"Foot Bath - Standard Session - $30 for half hour session
14 sessions - $420 - 20% $336 over 28 days and then a 2 week break. Treatment schedule should not exceed 1 foot bath every 2 days

Lease arrangement - $420 - 40% $252 deposit of $200
Purchase $799 (however supply unsure at the moment)
Detox take home pads - Footsies $5 pair or $44.95 box of 20

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0417 46 4527


A testimonial from a happy client ' I was very sceptical regarding this device but decided to try the 14 day detox protocol to see if it would improve my health. I was most surprised when after 5 treatments I was relieved of the joint pain and stiffness that I was suffering from.
4 weeks later & I still have no symptoms. I was pleased that such a simple pleasant treatment could alleviate the pain after previously trying a juice detox with unpleasant effects'

Michelle 45yrs.

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